The Process

Let me tell you about one of my newer students.  Piano is not her main love or interest.  She is a hockey goalie.  This is where her spirit dwells, at least for now.  I learned this when she came in to a lesson, smiling.  I asked her how she was doing, and she simply said,... Continue Reading →


A Drop of Kerosene in Your Glass of Milk

Recently I was witness to something of a musical miracle.  OK, maybe that is overstating, but at least we could fairly call it an impressive musical phenomenon.  This phenomenon is otherwise know as a Seventh Grade Middle School Choir.  I am the piano accompanist for this choir, and I have known, and worked with, the director... Continue Reading →

Ranger Rory

I remember camping and hiking with some of my Sinfonian Brothers years ago.  I chose the site, led the hike and other activities.  After all, I was the Province Governor.  They began calling me Ranger Rory after I contracted one of the most severe cases of poison ivy in existence… on this planet or any... Continue Reading →

So, What Are We Trying to Accomplish?

  Sometimes I do wonder just what piano teachers are trying to accomplish. Most don't imagine their students as performing artists. Yet, we work to make sure that our students play with artistry, ever increasing their skills. We have our students learn to perform for live audiences, something that their parents and their peers might... Continue Reading →

Skulls Full of Mush…

You really have to love Netflix and some of the other streaming video sites that abound today.  Not only can you catch up on movies you might have missed, but they also have whole seasons of TV programs from the days when “reality TV” meant the news. I recently introduced my wife to the movie... Continue Reading →

Sucking the Joy…

Last Friday I was reminded of something I hadn’t thought about for a long time.  As usual this led to my thinking laterally about other important things that seem (at least to me) to relate.  These thought-fugues always end up relating to piano playing and piano teaching, so try to follow along. What I was... Continue Reading →

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