If I Were A Carpenter

If I were a carpenter, and you were a lady, would you marry me anyway?  Would you have my baby? So!  Here it is, almost spring once again.  Spring is when I’m supposed to be able to regain my sanity.  The snow should be gone, of course… even in Minneapolis.  Spring is when I can... Continue Reading →


I Can’t Stop My Leg

The other day my wandering mind took me back to a comedian named Robert Klein.  I stumbled upon Klein in one of those early days of cable and HBO in about 1980.  I’d never heard of him and when I heard his stand-up act he had me from his first song.  For those of you... Continue Reading →

The Importance of Billiards

I’m pondering the feasibility of appealing to the federal government for a grant.  I want to buy a pool table for New Horizons Music Studio.  No, I’m not joking at all; if scientists can get grant money to find out why mice like cheese, why can’t I… I mean New Horizons, of course… get a simple pool table?  I would... Continue Reading →

Bertha Burgundy

Several years ago Marian and I decided to buy a rain barrel.  We plant and water quite a few flowers, herbs and tomatoes every summer, and it just seemed like such a good idea.  Its free water and somehow we just knew that rain water would work better.  We were right, and the plants thrive.  The barrel is amazing;... Continue Reading →

The Ghetto

One of the more interesting elements of music is the principal of dissonance and resolution.  Like a good novel, or a drama, music has to build tension, which ultimately will be treated with the resolution of that tension.  Part of a musician’s study is in how to recognize musical tension, and how to elegantly resolve that tension.  We... Continue Reading →

To Touch the Sky

I think the shape of my whole life has been a fluke!  Or, maybe it’s fate… some ingenious design I knew nothing about and had no part in setting up.  I feel lucky, or blessed, but naïve as I am, I have just proceeded with the whole thing, and here I am. I am positive of one... Continue Reading →

The Accidental Teacher, Part 2

I’m a natural note-reader.  I learned quickly, thoroughly, and with virtually not work or struggle on my part.  It is truly a gift, and I am appropriately thankful.  I have had to keep this natural ability in mind, as a teacher, because many of my students struggle with various aspects of note reading.  To teach... Continue Reading →

On Nurturing Students

Last weekend two of my students shared a recital.  One is a high school junior, and he played the bulk of the program; a high school sophomore “assisted” with a nice set of pieces in the middle of the program.  Her role, besides the experience of performing a larger set of pieces than usual, was... Continue Reading →

The Accidental Teacher

I’m an accidental teacher.  I really never had opinions, positive or negative, about the profession of teaching.  Teaching was never what I imagined myself doing.  I dreamed of being a lawyer; but I would have only accepted being Perry Mason, and the job was already taken.  I could have imagined myself a journalist, writing impassioned stories, exposing injustice and... Continue Reading →


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